Verda Pars

Verda Pars was born in 1978. Verda Pars graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations, and she also has a PhD in Political Science from the same department. She wrote the books ‘Kadin Cinayetleri’, ‘Olum Fisildar Geceye’ ve ‘Kiz Kardeslerim’. She has been the screenwriter of successful productions such as ‘Kocamin Ailesi’, 'Ask Yalani Sever', 'Ates Bocegi', 'Heartbeat', 'Our Story', 'Cocukluk', 'The Red Room', 'My Siblings'.


My Siblings (TV Series, 2023)
Cocukluk (TV Series, 2020)
The Red Room (TV Series, 2021) (2 ep)
Ates Bocegi (TV Series, 2017)
Heartbeat (TV Series, 2018) (27.ep-28.ep)
Our Story (TV Series, 2018 - 2019) (2. Season)
Ask Yalani Sever (TV Series, 2016)
Kocamin Ailesi (TV Series, 2014- 2015)