Film and TVContent Marketing

With its close relations with digital networks, producers and other content buyers, PH7 is a hub for content owners with the opportunity to market their content to relevant buyers for both local and international projects. PH7 not only acts as a content marketing agency, but also adds value to the content by using its content development process and developing a creative team with actors, directors and other talents as a packaging tool.


Being connected with all major agencies and many smaller casting agencies worldwide and especially in USA and Europe, PH7 helps producers with their international casting needs whether at A-list level or at any level necessary.

InternationalFilm Marketing & Promotion

PH7 organizes gala events, marketing activities, promotion campaigns and one-on-one lobbying for films on an international level. In addition to this, PH7 also acts as an intermediary to distribution channels in USA. PH7 has organized the Oscar Promotion Campaings of Turkey’s nomination for International Film Oscars on 2017 with “Ayla” and on 2018 with “Ahlat Ağacı”.

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