Melis Veziroğlu Yılmaz

Melis Veziroğlu Yılmaz was born in 1979. After graduating from the Italian High School in 1998, she graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Film - TV and Public Relations departments with a double major in 2003, and then completed her MBA at the European School of Economics in 2005. She started her career in the TV series 'Pis Yedili', which was broadcast in 2011. She continued as a screenwriter in the TV series 'Eve Donus', Love Doesn’t Understand Words ', Heartbeat, 'Bitter Lands', 'Kaderimin Oyunu' and 'My Siblings'. She took part as a guest screenwriter in the radio interview series about Korean adaptations, prepared for the online newspaper, BBC UK, and continues to write TV series and film scripts.


My Siblings (TV Series, 2020- 2023) (90 Episode)
Kaderimin Oyunu (TV Series, 2021- 2022) (26 Episode)
Bitter Lands (TV Series, 2019 – 2020) (38 Episode)
Heartbeat (TV Series, 2017- 2018) (26 B Episode)
Love Doesn’t Understand Words (TV Series 2017 – 2018) (5 Episode)
Eve Donus (TV Series, 2017 – 2018) (24 Episode)
Sunflower (TV Series, 2015)
Komedi Türkiye (Quiz Show, 2015)
Fresh Start (TV Series, 2014)
Ankara’nin Dikmeni (TV Series, 2014)
Pis Yedili (TV Series, 2011-2014)