Gökçe Balıkel

Gökçe Balıkel

Gökçe Balkel was born in Adana In 1984. She completed her primary school in Adana, secondary and high school education in Mersin, and undergraduated from Anadolu University, Sociology Department. She worked as an instructor in several schools after graduating under favour of the theater, creative drama, and creative writing trainings she got through her education life. During this period, she created the theater plays that had written for kids in the institutions she taught. Continuing her studies and believing in the necessity of a holistic approach in visual storytelling and character creation, Gökçe added many more trainings to her vocabulary in fields such as "Cinema and Psychoanalysis", "History and Mythology", thanks to her interest in psychology and mythology, along with screenwriting trainings.

Among the projects; "Nam - Kar Bogazi," a film she created for Beta Film that earned a sponsorship certificate and was included on the list of support projects that the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema. She created the digital series "Tahribat" for the 1001 Women's Screenplay Project, which the Istanbul Film Academy released in March 2022. "Tahribat" was one of the top 10 plays out of all 1001. Gokce Balikel continues her work by writing series and movie scripts, theater plays for children and adults, radio theater, and program formats for various media.

Director Crew

Postmortem - Project Design (Theatre, 2020)
Sporun Yildizlari - Content Editor (TV Series, 2023)
Nohut Oda Bakla Sofa - Content Editor (TV Series, 2022)
Kahve Alti - Content Editor (TV Series, 2022)


Haset – Story & Scenario (TV Series, 2023)
Elif ve Digerleri - Story & Scenario (Digital Series, 2022)
Tahribat - Story & Scenario (Digital Series, 2022)
Nazende Sevgilim - Story & Scenario (National series, 2019)
Nam- Karbogazi - Scenario (Film, 2019)